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Academic Outcomes: All-Day K for 3-5 Could be Harmful—Canadians Outperform Swedes & French on OECD Exams

See test scores on p 58 of "Measuring up: Canadian Results of the OECD PISA Study"

Canadian kids at age 15 far outperform the big-state-daycare Swedes and French and the OECD average.

This refutes the implied claim from the anti-parental care sector of the OECD, and from UNICEF—cited in Charles Pascal's Ontario report and in BC reports—that Canada ranks "at the bottom" in how are kids are doing.

Even Newfoundland! Way to go!

Academic Outcomes: Parent Involvement Main Factor In Finland's OECD Test Success

"The Myths and Facts of Finnish Success"

Finland's score ranks #1: starts school at age 7, funds parental child care,

Poor long-term academic outcomes for preschool: no lasting benefits

"More Evidence that Universal Preschool Doesn't Offer Lasting Benefits—By second grade the benefits of one of the nation's 'best' universal pre-K programs are gone"
Reason Foundation report

"High quality" Tennessee preschool studied: children's test score same with or without preschool by grade 2.

"High quality" Oklahoma universal preschool: tests scores down

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