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New report by Ontario all-day-K man's organization regurgitates "$2-for $1 investment" cost-benefit non-peer reviewed fabrication

Aug 30, 2010 Globe and Mail article "Full-day kindergarten spending may deliver twice the returns: report"

Let's look at who is behind this media release and report:

  • Atkinson Charitable Foundation—Charles Pascal, Ontario's Early Learning Advisor and head of the all-day Kindergarten push in Ontario, led this organization/lobbying group for years until he got his current job.

  • The McCain family also funded this paper and also fund the daycare lobby group, Childcare Resource and Research Unit, run by Martha Friendly.

  • The McCain family stands to benefit from the increase in state-run institutional child care as they employ low wage workers in their food industry companies and sell convenience frozen food to parents who do not have time to cook.

Kids First has no political or religious affiliation and seeks to
work with all parties and all interests to seek equality for all families.

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