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Big Brother Goes to Kindergarten: BC Government Violating Parental and Privacy Rights in "Sperm To Worm" Kindergarten Data Collection

The stated goal:

to collect "person-specific data" "for all BC children" (see from "pre-conception to young adulthood" linking all personal medical, mental health, pharmaceutical, hospital, birth, death, and census data (see

The researchers want PERSONAL TAX DATA linked to this kind of work they tell Statistics Canada (see

"Letter to BC Kindergarten Parents Feb 2009: vague about extent of data collection, offers 'negative opt out' of EDI only" (see below)

The World Bank Partnering with the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP): HELP-ing Build Big Brother's Village

1 – About the World Bank

2 – HELP's close ties to the World Bank

3 – HELP’s World Bank Agendas for Parents and Children

Below is the 2006 EDI letter to Kindergarten Parents. There is no info about "data linkage" and no "informed consent."

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work with all parties and all interests to seek equality for all families.

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