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Breastfeeding: Upholding the World Health Organization's Code in Canada

The World Health Organization, the Canadian government, and the Province of BC recommend 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding (no other food, drink or pacifiers) and continued breast feeding for at least 2 years.

Supporting breastfeeding is one aspect of Kids First mandate to support children's optimal wellbeing.

Kids First supports hospital lactation consultants Renee Hefti and Linda Good who resigned to protest violation of the WHO breastfeeding code by Nestle and Burnaby Hospital (BC) management. Women have the right to informed choice on breastfeeding. Full, accurate and timely information about the technique and benefits of breast milk results in more women freely choosing to breastfeed and continue longer. We do not need our medical staff to be educated by Nestle—an infant formula manufacturer with an abysmal record of falsifying research and undermining breastfeeding and thus harming babies.

BC Minister of Health, George Abbott, in an email stated, "By targeting health professionals as invitees for the June 12, 2008 'wine and dine' event, it is clear that Nestle is violating the [World Health Organization's infant formula] Code's sub-section, 7.3."

CBC news story: Breastfeeding consultants resign to protest formula training

Kids First representatives

Kids First supporting the Burnaby lactation consultants

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