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UBC's funding of HELP and daycare lobby: Clyde Hertzman over $212,000 from UBC alone

UBC compensation = expenses to leading all-day Kindergarten and daycare promoters

*Clyde Hertzman—Executive Director of HELP, also works for the World Bank
$212,497 + $15,163 expenses

*Paul Kershaw—#2 at HELP, leading media promoter of all day Kindergarten until Aug 2010 when he was joined by M Chapman. He has also written a paper studying welfare "reform" (that is elimination of welfare eligibility and reduction of benefits) that involved face to face interviews with effected women while they were being kicked off welfare. He is critical of "boomers" because they take $ from families with children.
$97,321 + $10,009 expenses

*Darcelle Cottons—Executive Director of UBC Child Care—UBC covers all administration, janitorial, repair and rent costs of the large daycare
$83,894 + $2,793 expenses

Marilyn Chapman—Education professor, UBC and now media spokesperson for all-day Kindergarten
$117,097 + 0 expenses

# Kimberley Schonert Reichl
$94,361 + 0 expenses

*Hillel Goelman—Long-time daycare promoter and was HELP/Hertzman's #2 media spokesperson from 2001 until recently replaced by Kershaw
$174,141 + $8,957 expenses

* Serving or served long term on the BC Provincial Child Care Council, the BC Government official advisory body

This information is from THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses Paid to Employees Year Ended March 31, 2009

Kids First has no political or religious affiliation and seeks to
work with all parties and all interests to seek equality for all families.

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