WHAT IS KIDS FIRST DOING NOW (updated April 4, 2021):

Major Charter Challenge Against Discrimination in Child Care Laws

Kids First has prioritized legal action in pursuit of our core objectives of protecting children’s well-
being and parental child care.

  • In 2020, we successfully intervened in the BC Court of Appeal “bus dad” case (Crook) to
    defend parents’ liberty right to decide when their children can take the bus or be alone without
    adult supervision.
  • We are successfully providing parents and lawyers with formal letters and legal arguments in
    situations where government agencies have harmed parent-child relationships, children, and

Charter Challenge

  • Our current priority is a landmark Charter Challenge against government-mandated
    discrimination in laws related to early learning and child care. We anticipate ending up in the
    Supreme Court of Canada.
  • We will prove that the definitions in laws of “child care”, “work”, “gender equity”, and
    “economy/economic growth” cause adverse impacts on children, parents, women, mothers,
    marginalized racial communities, those with disabilities, and those who express gender by
    prioritizing parental child care work.
  • We have retained legal counsel and are gathering evidence.
  • Costs are estimated to be $2 million over 5 years. Your support is needed to end these
    discriminatory, harmful, and unsustainable laws.

How You Can Help

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Our objectives as a registered charity are:

  • To promote the optimal care and well-being of children
  • To encourage and develop a recognition of the importance of child care being provided within
    the home by a parent.

3 – Donate and get a tax receipt.
Unlike the daycare lobby, we are volunteer-run and not funded by government, unions, or


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4 – Share this website.
Kids First is 100% volunteer run by parents. Financial and time limits, and technical difficulties
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6 – LOBBY POLITICIANS: meet, phone, email, or write a letter to politicians

  • Federal Government
    A list of Members of Parliament is available online.
    You can also phone
    1-800-O-CANADA toll free for the information.
    Provincial Government
  • Find the ministry responsible for child care, child protection, education, gender equity, women’s
    and children’s issues.
  • Local Government
    Many local governments also subsidize daycare with funding and/or cheap/free rent, but not
    parental child care.
    Many school boards violate parents’ and children’s rights by privacy violating data collection,
    ignoring informed parental consent rights, etc.

7 – Contact Media:
Share our info on social media: Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Write a letter to the editor.
Phone a radio or TV station.

8 – Be Informed: check out our resources and share information.
Read our in-depth collection of data and quotes: “Daycare Fact & Fiction, Ideology & Agendas,”
available as a pdf document.

9 – Organize an event or a group in your area to discuss these issues, or discuss this at your
school, social group, political group, family drop-in, cultural or religious organization.