How You Can Help

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Kids First is 100% volunteer run by parents. Financial and time limits, and technical difficulties are constant. This website is our chief means of cheap efficient communication—PASS IT ON!

Our Objectives

  • To promote the optimal care and well being of children

  • To encourage and develop a recognition of the importance of child care being provided within the home by a parent or

How to Help

You can help in the following ways:

  1. Become a member of Kids First if you agree with our purposes. It’s free. Send us you full name, address, area code, phone number and e-mail address. Members recieve e-mail updates and notices of events.
  2. To receive updates without becoming a member, SUBSCRIBE to Kids First News to receive Kids First updates about once a month. (Just let us know that you would like to receive updates and not be a member)
  3. Make a donation to Kids First Parent Association of Canada and receive a receipt for income tax purposes. We have no paid staff. Funding for the organization helps us continue our research work and dissemination of information. Make the cheque out to Kids First Parent Association of Canada, and mail it to Kids First Canada. Or see the Paypal donate button on the side bar.
    c/o Treasurer
    11 Wade Rd
    Smithville, ON
    L0R 2A0 Unlike daycare lobbyists, we are not funded by government, corporations and unions.

  4. MEET with or WRITE a letter to politicians:

    Federal Government
    A list of Members of Parliament is available online. You can also phone
    1-800-O-CANADA toll free for the information.

    Provincial Government
    Check the phone book for the ministry responsible for child care, women’s and children’s issues. Or look online.

    Local Government
    Check the phone book. Many cities also subsidize daycare and not parental child care. Or search online.
  5. WRITE a letter to the editor.
  6. PHONE a radio or TV station.
  7. BE INFORMED and share information. Read our in-depth report, “Daycare Fact & Fiction, Ideology & Agendas,” available as a pdf document.
  8. ORGANIZE a group in your area to discuss these issues, or discuss this at your school, social group, family drop-in, cultural or religious organization.