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The federal government is again claiming that it funds "HIGH QUALITY" early learning and child care. However the evidence from studies of daycare quality conducted by daycare advocates, and from peer-reviewed empirical studies shows that the majority of licensed daycare in Canada is of "minimal to mediocre" quality, not high quality. Inadequate staff:child ratios are the primary reason for inadequate quality. The ratio problem cannot be fixed by unionization, higher wages, or more training.

December 2018: This new VIDEO from the federal government repeats the high quality lie.
arrowVAST POWER IMBALANCE BETWEEN PARENTS AND THE STATE RECOGNIZED: November 2018, Tyee article, In BC Odds Stacked Against Parents Fighting the Children's Ministry

  • $0 per child in parental child care
  • $24,000++ per 'space' for non-parental 'prototype' daycare
  • parents not considered to be child care workers
  • government admits inadequate quality daycare will take $100++million to improve
Nov 2018 BC Government news release

Support for B.C. families and early childhood educators
arrowCan we trust child protection services? The government is accused of not even following its own rules.
November 2018, Vancouver Sun article: Social worker accused of stealing from & abusing vulnerable first nations children in care of BC Ministry Of Children & Family Development
2008 Canadian Paediatric Society position statement - Health implications of children in child care centres Part A: Canadian trends in child care, behaviour and developmental outcomes

The report states a 1998 questionnaire study of 325 Canadian daycare centres found average quality to be 60.1% and that 67% "may be needed to promote child development."
2009/16 Canadian Paediatric Society position statement - Health implications of children in child care centres Part B: Injuries and infections

"for every 9 h of daycare per week, there was a 12% increase in respiratory illness days. Children without siblings at home had a threefold increase in the incidence of respiratory illness."
Non-parental child care expenses incurred so parents can "work" can be deducted for children age 0-15. Expenses include 'camps' and boarding school. This case broadens what can be called 'child care' and affirms parents right to determine the form of child care based on children's needs.
QUOTES from the Judgement
  • It is not for the state to decide who minds the Appellant's children as long as the expenses claimed are reasonable.

  • The taxpayer is responsible for choosing...the child care services he or she wishes to use; the taxpayer makes this choice on the basis of the child's needs, and this choice is an exercise of parental discretion.

  • A parent alone has the right to decide when a child 12 or older should stay home alone.
arrow Sept 2018 CBC article: Parents take BC government to court over tragic death of their toddler son in daycare
The case raises government violation of the child's Charter right to security of person. Daycare regulations are inadequate to provide "adequate" care to the majority of children according to peer-reviewed empirical research on staff:child ratios and group size, and according to research that states the majority of licensed daycare in Canada is of minimal to mediocre quality.
Federal-provincial Early Learning and Child Care agreements exclude parental child care from any funding.

The agreements for funding to each province and territory specify that "areas of investment" be limited to government-regulated settings. This discriminatory policy violates Charter values of personal autonomy, equality, liberty, and security of person.

The discriminatory policy also contradicts the empirical evidence: low enrollment in regulated daycare, parental preference for parental child care, inadequate quality in the majority of licensed daycare; worsened child outcomes in group care for health, emotional and physical well-being and academic performance; high cost of group care, inadequate staffing and training; not enough people wanting these jobs, etc

Read agreements at Early Learning and Child Care bilateral Agreements
arrow Breastfeeding Under Attack Again
July 2018 New York Times article: U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials

July 2018 Counterpunch article: The Sordid History of Infant Formula and Trump's Attempt To Bully, Blackmail & Threaten Third World Countries
arrowJune 2018: Conflict of G7 Gender Equity Interest? Why is motherhood unmentionable? Canada's G7 Gender Equity Council wants more money for daycare. Maya Roy, CEO of Canada's YWCA is on the Council. The Y is the biggest provider of daycare "spaces" in Canada. No mention of being a "mother" in any of the Council bios.

arrowMay 2018: Breastfeeding research: more immune cells found in mums' milk

arrowDaycare Pays Well for Some: 2017 Remuneration of Leading Daycare Lobbyists
Paul Kershaw - head of GenSqueeze lobby group funded by UBC's H.E.L.P.
$154,111 ($149,550 + $4,561 in expenses)

UBC daycare Executive Director Darcelle Cotton

SFU daycare Executive Director Pat Frouws
$95,059 ($93,859 + expenses $1,200)
arrowApr 16, 2018: Maclean's article - How did good parenting become a crime?

arrowApril 2018 article by former KidsFirst President, Beverley Smith, in Policy Options, the magazine of the Institute for Research on Public Policy: All child care should be valued and funded. Bev's successful complaint to the UN in 1997 launched the Federal Finance Committee's Sub-Committee on Tax Equity for Families With Dependent Children. Their Final Report in 1999 called for the government to be neutral regarding child care preferences. Report available here.

arrowMarch 8, 2018 Media release: International Women's Day complaint to federal government: end discrimination against mothers caring for their kids

arrowMarch 8, 2018 - International Women's Day
Our government thinks maternal child care is bad for women and children and the economy. Our leaders want to "GET MOTHERS BACK TO WORK" and get our children into full time LICENSED DAYCARE so we can be "PRODUCTIVE" in the name of "GENDER EQUITY."

Read Kids First complaint to the federal government about the violation of human rights in policies aimed at shaming, stigmatizing, and coercing mothers into full time GDP-counted jobs and full time daycare for our children.
arrowMarch 2018: Response to CBC's The House biased coverage of "child care" in federal budget.

arrowFebruary 2018: Child care speech in BC Legislature by MLA Laurie Throness: Does a political party finally recognize that child care is the care of a child? arrowFebruary 2018: National Post op-ed by Helen Ward - "Helen Ward: The new Liberal budget will send money for 'children' right to the wealthy and the bureaucrats" (Note: this was written in response to the 2017 budget)

arrowJanuary 2018: Does it work? Public Funding for Child-rearing through EI Benefits - only about two-thirds of mothers receive any EI benefits

arrowDecember 2017 Press Release: BC Daycare 30% Vacancy Rate as Government Plans 3800 More Spaces

arrowDec 2017 Toronto Star letter by Kids First President, Helen Ward: Fund child care, not daycare spaces

arrowDec 15, 2017 Vancouver Sun editorial by Kids First President, Helen Ward, & Andrea Mrozek: There's no need to create more daycare spaces

arrowWhat child care do parents really want?

arrowDec 5, 2017: REPORT by Kids First and Cardus Inst: 30% vacancy rate in BC daycare while government plans $33 million for new spaces

arrowBC Daycare Vacancies - 2001 Provincial Child Care Survey

arrowSept 2017: Globe editorial: B.C. to parents: Please lock up your kids

arrowSep 2017: Very Superstitious: How Fact-Free Parenting Policies Rob Our Kids of Independence by Adrian Crook

arrowAugust 2017: Cardus op-ed by Helen Ward: The Daycare Lobby's Misogyny. Regarding government and corporate schemes to bully mothers away from our kids and into full time jobs we ask: With feminist like this, who needs patriarchy?

arrowDaycare Staff:Child Ratios and Group-Size Laws Harm Kids

arrowApril 2017: CBC Cross Country Check-up discusses daycare

arrowApril 2017: Article by Cardus about the 4,500 vacant daycare spaces in Toronto Daycares have increasing VACANCY rates but this data is hidden from public. This is a follow up from 2015 research by Kids First President, Helen Ward, exposing the high but hidden vacancy rates in daycare.

arrowQuebec Daycare System Results: Negative Social Behaviour, Increased Youth Crime
Sept 2015 working academic research paper by economists Milligan, Baker, Gruber showing long term negative impact of Quebec daycare system: "Non-Cognitive Deficits and Young Adult Outcomes: The Long-Run Impacts of a Universal Child Care Program"

Two related articles in Sept 2015 Maclean’s Magazine:

arrowMar 2017: National Post article by Kids First President, Helen Ward, on Federal Budget promise of more daycare funding. Funding families not "spaces" is fair and better for children's well-being.

arrowStanford study finds delaying kindergarten 1 year reduces hyperactivity and improves attention at age 11, but Canada has for pushed earlier and longer kindergarten.

arrowAug 2016: Financial Post article, Exploiting women through childcare. The Federal government is considering a $500M "child care" subsidy program in order to increase mothers' employment. Is this what women want? Does cheap daycare increase mothers' labour force participation?

arrow Aug 2016: CBC radio interview - Vanier Institute for the Family CEO, Nora Spinks, confirms that daycare waitlists are meaningless, though the daycare lobby has used them for years to claim there is a shortage of daycare spaces, yet she pushes for a $10/day daycare system. Ms Spinks advised Statistics Canada that it should not ask for parents' preferences in child care during a consultation last year. Kids First seeks inclusion of parental preference as fundamental in family policy data in our democracy.

arrow April 2016: Are Child Protection Services Violating our Rights?

arrowApril 2016: Trusting Strangers and Risks to Children

arrowFeb 2016 Derby Telegraph article: University of Derby: Children in touch with nature do better in SATs

arrowJan 2016: Research on infant learning shows 'educational' electronic toys don't help

arrowJan 2016, New York Times article: Unpaid care work - Finland announces Universal Basic Income for all adults. It’s Payback Time for Women

arrowNov 2015: EVER HEARD OF DEFAMILIALIZATION? WHAT IT IS, WHO CREATED IT, HOW IT AFFECTS OUR LIVES. This research essay by Kids First President, Helen Ward, exposes defamilialism, the ideology that has led to a massive global policy shift, driven by elites on the left and right, that has radically reduced welfare state support for family care work in order to fund state support for institutional, non-parental child care.

arrowOct 2015: Tycoon dragon blasts daycare: "anti family" "incentivizing parents" Business News Network interview - Bucking the international business sector promotion of tax-subsidized daycare, Kevin O'Leary, Canadian tycoon featured on CBC TV's "Dragon's Den", took time during this interview to blast proposals for a national daycare program. He said he is most concerned about the impact on children and correctly said it "incentives" parents to not look after their own children, calling it "anti family", "unCanadian", "horrific".

arrowWhat are the dollar costs of a Unidaycare Centre System?
Kids First info sheet Costs—Daycare, Preschool, All-Day Kindergarten compiled a few years ago gives actual costs reported by different governments in Quebec, BC, Sweden and US. EXAMPLE: Nearly $16,000/yr for centre operating costs alone for infant care in Quebec in 2001 - with 1 baby for 1 staff person.

Kids First Info sheet THE MORE YOU SPEND THE MORE YOU SAVE shows how the daycare lobby low-balls costs and pads benefit estimates.

Oct 2015, Canadian Taxpayers' Federation paper, CTF Fact Check: NDP Lowballs Daycare Plan Costs
arrowThe Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family say parents have the right to decide when their child is OK to be alone. Read more in this CBC article: B.C. Supreme Court rules 8 is too young to be left home alone

arrowMedia Release, October 6th, 2015: Mother of Home Alone 8-year-old to BC Premier: “I Felt Bullied”

arrowSept 11, 2015: Why walking to school is better than driving for your kids

arrowSept 2015: Do Social Workers have too much power? The Nation explores the question in "Has Child Protective Services Gone Too Far? A debate sparked by the free-range parenting movement has drawn attention to the threats and intrusions poor, minority families have long endured"

arrowSept 2015: Global TV video and article - WHO DECIDES, PARENTS OR SOCIAL WORKERS? BC case of 8 year old home alone--interviews with the child's mother and Kids First President, Helen Ward

arrowSept 21, 2015: Universal Child Care Outcomes Questioned In New Study. This study is a follow up from a previous study by the same 3 economists that was published in a top peer-reviewed journal, Political Economy, and won the 2008 Purvis Prize. In addition to negative outcomes for kids and parents, they found increased maternal employment that produced more taxes that covered only 40% of the program costs. The other study mentioned by Pierre Fortin in 2012 is NOT peer reviewed, even by 2015, but has been cited by CCPA etc as proof that daycare produces benefits over costs.

arrowSept 2015, OPEN SEASON ON PARENTS--BC Supreme Court decides social workers trump parents: all children under 10 must have 24/7/365 supervision

arrowDaycare Lobbyist Awards Human Rights Abuser

arrowAug 11, 2015 National Post commentary: The folly of universal childcare

arrowSarah Godoy's response to opinion piece in The Province: Child care money is just more Tory sexism

arrowTop tax-funded daycare lobbyist, Gen-squeeze head & UBC HELP staff PAUL KERSHAW on how the state should reshape us and our families. 2010 Human Early Learning Partnership publication: The just commodification of women, equal care obligations for men, and autonomous households: Gendering the comparative analysis of welfare states in 20 OECD countries

arrowMcD's, Disney, Hasbro lost vs Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood: June 2015 Boston Globe article

"Gen Squeeze" says its a "lobby" group. It demands $10/day daycare and opposes funding families equitably.

Squeeze head, Paul Kershaw is paid over $145,000 ($134,753 + $11,431 expenses in 2014) from UBC's Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) funded by the BC Government/taxpayers. HELP's Lynell Anderson over $90,000 ($88,812 + $1,827 expenses in 2013) is on Squeeze staff with Kershaw, and Kershaw's partner, Andrea Long, helps out too. and Darcelle Cotton - ED of UBC daycare - $114,861

Why not share the wealth around if you really want to stop squeezing families with children?
April 28, 2015 report by Kids First President, Helen Ward, published by the Institute for Marriage and Family Canada: "Is there really a daycare shortage? - A Toronto case study shows vacancies despite waiting lists and subsidies"

Ward's report uses unpublicized data from Toronto Open Data, Statistics Canada, and daycare proponents' studies. It exposes low demand and excess supply of daycare centre spaces shown by high vacancies and low enrollment despite massive preferential funding. Higher income families use centres more and benefit more from preferential funding to centre spaces.

April 28, 2015 National Post article on the report: "Busting Canada’s daycare myths"

arrowApril 2015, CBC news: Low income parents spend wisely

arrowFunding for parental child care vs daycare in Sweden, Finland, Norway
Finland has the largest cash benefit for parental care and lowest use of daycare, and also has the best outcomes in the world for high school academic results on OECD PISA tests.

Read about the different Nordic funding schemes in this April 2012 research paper from University of Oslo in Norway, "Cash for Childcare: Experiences from Finland, Norway and Sweden" by Dr Anne Lise Elligsaeter

arrowDoes the state require parents to provide 24/7/365 child supervision until age 13? April 2015 Washington Post article: "Child protection agency seizes children walking home alone from park, doesn’t tell distraught parents for two hours"

arrowApril 8th, 2015 Media Release: Harper Fiscal Accountability Fail: Billions Omitted in PBO Child Care Report

arrowGlobal News: How the Family Tax Cut works and who benefits from it

arrowMarch 2015 Salon article: "Help! My kids were stopped three times by police for being outside unsupervised" Police harass kids and parents for walking and biking in safe neighbourhood. Result? The kids are now afraid to go out alone.Time to push back.

arrowDaycare lobby propaganda strategy for eliminating "resistance" to "paradigm shift" spelled out

arrow Adolescent Health - protective and risk factors: Findings from the US Add Health Study, the largest ever done, seems to be ignored in current discussions.

arrowParent and Child Rights Documents:
arrowMarch 2015: Barbie Big Brother: Join the campaign to stop Mattel doll that records your conversations

arrowHow Many Children can one Person Care for all Day?
Government makes ratios and group size worse. See BC Child:Staff ratio laws
  • All-day Kindergarten - 1 teacher for 22 kids for 6 hours
  • New category "multi-age child care" allowing 1 adult to 8 children: 1 child under 1 year + 2 children under 3 years, + 5 age 3 years or more
  • Worsened group size and ratio for daycare for K and Gr 1 and for Gr 2-7
  • GROUP SIZE - daycare for K and Gr 1 - up 4 from 20 to 24 per group
  • GROUP SIZE - Gr 2-7 daycare - up 5 from 20 to 25
  • RATIO - daycare for K and Gr 1` - up 2 to 12 from 10 kids per staff
  • RATIO - Gr 2-7 daycare - 1 staff:15 children
arrowUnpaid Family Care Work worth $59 Billion: Statistics Canada's 2003 report, "Unpaid informal caregiving," puts the value of Canada's unpaid family child care work at $59 billion. The child-care component of this figure includes only "primary-activity child care [which] represents about one-quarter of total time spent caring for children," and values women's work at only 77% of men's work. Unpaid family care work has a higher value than income generated by the health, education, or finance industries.

arrowBC Court says mums in prison can keep babies. The right to security of person includes breastfeeding and attachment. Dec 2013 Globe and Mail article: Babies can stay with jailed moms

arrow Jan 2015: Maryland parents investigated for neglect after letting kids walk home alone from park

arrow Feb 2012, Huffington Post article: Dad arrested and strip searched because 4 year old drew a picture of a gun. Ontario Premier approves and school officials say they "co-parent"

arrowOntario's then-Deputy Education Minister charged with child porn crimes opposed police background checks for volunteers working with school kids. July 2013, Toronto Star article: Benjamin Levin criticized background checks for youth workers: The high-profile educator arrested on child porn charges described police checks as a barrier to school-community partnerships

arrow Dec 2014 article from Home Renaissance Foundation UK says unwaged work to be counted: Unpaid GDP and the Wealth of Work in the Home

arrow July 2011, Maclean's Magazine article by John Geddes: "Is subsidized daycare bad for kids? A surprising new study says Quebec’s $7-a-day daycare is leaving children worse off"
An article about research by Quebec economists LeFebvre, Merrrigan, and Haeck discusses the impact of cheap daycare on children and paid work by mothers. Note the comments about "quality" by HELP's Goelman and Kershaw are disingenuous as they have authored research stating that the quality of daycare in Quebec is minimal and inadequate.
arrow Lawyers recognize the dollar value of unpaid work - house work and child care - and have calculated it carefully based on Statistics Canada data: BC - $15.46/hr., Alberta - $15.35/hr, Ontario - $16.22/hr, NWT - $27.46/hr
July/Aug 2011 - Brown's Economic Damages Newsletter - "Housekeeping Claims: Time Use Data from Statistics Canada’ s 2010 General Social Survey (GSS), cycle 24" see chart p. 8

arrowNov 2014, Iowa student refuses to be weighed by school In BC we have the "Daily Physical Activity" DPA reporting requirement which has schools requiring students to report and electronically record at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Just say no. Is it the schools' business what students/families do in their off-school time? Does this requirement induce mass lying by students? Are education and government personnel required to demonstrate physical fitness as a job requirement?

arrowNov 2014, CBC News: 3 issues that pit Canadian parents against the state Discipline, medical procedures and sex education continue to stir controversy in Canadian courtrooms

arrowNov 2014, CBC News: B.C. child-care spaces could increase by 13,000 over 8 years Minister says the budget is set for 2,000 spaces so far

arrowSupreme Court of Canada rules birth-mothers are different than other parents. West Coast LEAF lawyer publicly congratulates and supports Kids First goal of challenging definitions of "child care" and "work" that discriminate against the work of parental child care. Hear more about it on this CBC Radio podcast from Nov 13, 2014. Kids First President, Helen Ward, calls in at 21:44: BC Almanac interview

arrowFULL EQUALITY FOR WOMEN: Funding for family care work embraced by economists and lawyers "every mother is a working mother"
arrowSign petition: AT&T marketing BabyFirstTV with not one but 2 screens

arrowAppeal court upholds ruling: Employers must accommodate parents child care obligations
Kids First is working towards a human rights complaint about the definitions of "child care" and "work" that say that child care is not done by parents and is not work if it is done by parents.

This case is related as it states that parents DO have child care obligations - yet the judge mistakenly seems to seems to indicate that parental child care is not work and that work force "wish[es]" are the primary obligation...

Justice Robert M. Mainville wrote, "without reasonable accommodation for parents’ childcare obligations, many parents will be impeded from fully participating in the work force so as to make for themselves the lives they are able and wish to have. The broad and liberal interpretation of human rights legislation requires an approach that favours a broad participation and inclusion in employment opportunities for those parents who wish or need to pursue such opportunities.’’
arrowTranscript from 1999 Federal Finance Committee referring to the SCC case and the Boland cases relating to exploitation of parental child care providers. Check out the contempt for parents by MP Dr Carolyn Bennett and others and check out Ms Gardner's presentation.

arrowChild Care Human Rights Case: Does government discriminate against parents? The federal court ruled that "child care" obligations are part of family status last year - this is being appealed. Kids First is planning a human rights complaint against government definitions of "child care" that exclude parental child care.

arrowMar 2014 UK Telegraph article: Scottish ministers threatened with legal action over 'state guardian' plans

arrowJan 2013 CBC report: Daycare inspections hide crucial information

arrowGordon Neufeld on roles of the family and state

arrowFamily and Home Network is a US sister-organization to Kids First. Here is their excellent paper on Campaign for Inclusive Family Policies

arrowOntario Government Misrepresents All-Day Kindergarten Research
Oct 2013 Globe and Mail column: All Day Kindergarten "No Magic Bullet"
McMaster University Economist Phillip de Cicca asks, “To me, the question should be, could that money be used in a better way?”

November 2013 Macleans magazine article: Full-day kindergarten is failing our children: A closer look at Ontario’s $1.5-billion-a-year full-day kindergarten experiment
Ontario's Ministry of Education caught misrepresenting the junk science research

Aug 2012: Ontario government big lies in this "KEY FACTS" SHEET on all-day K Gives ENROLMENT projections and claims that $1 spent will save $7. This is a "gross misrepresentation" (UBC economist Dr Kevin Milligan) of research by Nobel Laureate economist James Heckman.

Nov 30, 2013 Globe and Mail column by M Wente: Ontario's $1.5-billion kindergarten hoax

Dec 9, 2013: Ontario Minister of Education, Sandals, responds to Globe and Mail column by M Wente (scroll down to "Kindergarten’s value")

Queen's University: Final Report: Evaluation of the Implementation of the Ontario Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program, Fall 2012

The Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University: The Full Day Kindergarten Early Learning Program Final Report, October 2012

Ministry of Education: Early Learning Resources 2013-14

Nov 2013 IMFC report: Full-day kindergarten in Ontario: Reading the fine print. Did those cheerleading for full-day kindergarten actually read the research?

Dec 2013, Kids First Media Release: Kindergate Research Cover-up Scandal

Letter to the Ontario Minister of Education Regarding Misrepresentation of All-Day Kindergarten Research

arrowDaycare Promoted by Elite Feminists in Bed with Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives. Articles by Rianne Mahon, leading daycare theorist, from Carleton University in Ottawa: arrowNov 2013 Kids First Power Point Presentation: Vision & Data towards Social Justice & Optimal Child Well-Being in Family & Child Policy

arrowNov 2013 article: "Britain pays mothers to breastfeed in pilot program designed to reduce stigma in poor communities"

arrow2011 article in PNAS (scholarly journal) "Maternal separation produces lasting changes in cortisol and behavior in rhesus monkeys"

arrowOct 2010: Ontario Ministry of Education memo from Assistant Deputy Minster shows they EXPECTED "UNFUNDED COMMITMENTS" for all-day Kindergarten. What do they do? Shove more kids into too few rooms? This CALLOUS LACK OF REGARD FOR CHILDREN'S WELL-BEING means that any results for the first year or two would only get worse as more children are placed in the ever-worsening program.

arrowOntario eliminated grade 13, which reduced post-secondary time and costs but then they added 2 years of full-day kindergarten many say to provide jobs despite declining student enrolment. Read about the government's DECLINING ENROLMENT WORKING GROUP.

arrowAug 2013 Globe and Mail article: All Day K in Ontario put in despite lack of facilities and school board objections

arrowSUBSIDIZED DAYCARE = SUBSIDIZED PROFITS = CORPORATE WELFARE: Quebec daycare economists promote the Quebec daycare system because it increases labour supply and thus lowers wages which increases business profits. They also endorse neo-liberal/neo-conservative "trickle down theory" asserting that "eventually" this benefits "all components".
"What are the consequences for the economy of several tens of thousands of women entering the Quebec labour force? More people looking for work exercises downward pressure on wages, which induces firms to employ more women.... The slower rate of wage growth increases business profitability  .... All components of domestic income eventually benefit from the arrival of new workers."

from "Impact of Quebec’s Universal Low Fee Childcare Program on Female Labour Force Participation, Domestic Income, and Government Budgets" 2012 working paper by P Fortin, L. Godbour, S. St Cerny, p15 

Payer les mères à la maison? Tout le monde y perdrait! Cela coûterait trop cher et serait socialement rétrograde. (Pay mothers in the house? The whole world would be lost! It costs too much and would be socially retrograde.) Quebec daycare economist, Pierre Fortin (see his non-peer reviewed study above), opposes a poll showing support for funding parental child care on a par with daycare subsidies.

arrowOct 2013 Waterloo Record article by Maclean's editor: How full-day kindergarten makes things worse for kids. This article exposes the lies told by the Ontario government about their studies of all-day kindergarten

arrowSwedish response to Globe and Mail article praising Swedish daycare system: Swedish daycare is VERY costly at $27,000/yr/child age 1-5 and very undemocratic. TAXES to pay for it are so high that almost no parents cannot afford to look after their own children. Taxes average 70% of income for the average city worker. Income tax of 30% starts at an income of only $3,000. VAT (GST) is 25%, and groceries are taxed at 12%. And QUALITY of care is a "problem".
arrowUN report on women’s unpaid care work as a human rights issue

arrowOctober 21 posting at Critical Legal Thinking: "White Feminists Fatigue Syndrome" second-wave feminism critiqued by feminists who honour unwaged family care work: Kids First has long been aware that the elite feminists who dominate our government women's and family policy making reject and marginalize our stance on daycare and children's well-being.

arrowOctober 2013 article in The Guardian: How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden - and how to reclaim it. A movement that started out as a critique of capitalist exploitation ended up contributing key ideas to its latest neoliberal phase

arrowOct 10, 2013 Media release: Child Care Poll: Parents’ Group Calls for Fair Democratic Child Care Funding

arrowSept 2013 Hamilton Spectator article – Kids First quoted – Full-Day kindergarten is merely glorified babysitting

arrow Sept 2013: The Telegraph newspaper – UK coalition says “The Government should stop intervening in early education” – letter signed by many experts says evidence supports more play and later formal schooling

arrowSept 3, 2013: More All-Day Kindergarten Propaganda Packaged as Research

arrow Why Preschool Shouldn't Be Like School, a Slate article by Alison Gopnik

arrowJuly 2013, Economists Listen Up: New Zealand Mum feeds family of ELEVEN with meal that costs $NZ10 (CDN$8.25)

arrowEarly Development Instrument (EDI): Not everyone accepts it as reliable "evidence"

arrowJune 2013 - Violating parental consent with "passive consent": kids used as junk science research subjects by UBC's HELP

arrow May 2013, Advancing "SHARED RESPONSIBILITY" between parents and the state for child-rearing: Scotland plans massive state surveillance of families with one "named person" per child. Read more in this BBC article and this Scottish Express article: SNP bill to spy on parents is criticized by families

arrow May 2013, Maclean's Magazine article: Why full-day kindergarten doesn’t work. The article highlights the lack of concern for children's well-being in the education ministries and their total refusal to accept the findings of peer reviewed research. Note: the article incorrectly states that BC has all day junior and senior K. BC has no junior K; however the original proposal from UBC's Human Early Learning Partnership was for all-day K for ages 3-5 (this would have included 2 year olds born after August).

arrowPolls Consistently Show Large Majority Prefer Parental Child Care

arrowMay 2013 Global News report: Early childhood care overhaul needed: poll

arrowMay 2013 Poll: Large Majority Wants Parental Child Care & Funding for Families, Not Daycare

arrowTax-Funded Daycare Lobbying

arrowJoin the Movement for Family-Friendly Policy -- A Much Needed Policy Document


arrowEconomist Marilyn Waring on the need to recognize women's unpaid work. Videos: Making Women's Work Count -- a short interview, and Who's Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics -- a full length film by Canada's National Film Board

arrowPaul Kershaw of the tax-funded daycare lobby at the Human Early Learning Partnership is critiqued for his neo-liberalism by a fellow academic in the Feb 2012 Rabble article, Generational conflict: Neo-liberalism's new bait-and-switch ploy

arrowWho is Responsible for Children? on Corus radio's April 14, 2013 Roy Green Show: Kids First President Helen Ward discusses the claim that children belong to the community "collective" and are not the "private" responsibility of their parents as described by US pundit Melissa Harris-Parry in this recent MSNBC ad

arrowFund Children not Space: Over $3,800/yr+++ = Tax Subsidy for Each Daycare Space

arrow1 in 3 Canadian mothers do not receive any EI maternity/parental benefits.
In 2011, 68% of mothers with children 12 months and under received these benefits. 76.6% had insurable employment and 88% of those got benefits. See the Statistics Canada Employment Insurance Coverage Survey, 2011
arrowMar 17, 2013: UK Daily Mail article featuring Kids First Swedish colleague, Jonas Himmelstrand, Long days at nursery or with childminders 'raising a generation of school tearaways'. Research says that bad behaviour is linked to hours spent without parents. Jonas Himmelstrand is presenting his report to MPs this week.

arrowMarch 8, 2013 International Women's Day - UK Guardian article by Selma James, founder of Wages for Housework, and Nina Lopez of Argentina, founder of Legal Action for Women and joint co-ordinator of the Global Women's Strike: Hugo Chávez knew that his revolution depended on women. The authors describe Hugo Chavez's formal recognition of care work as productive work: "[Women] work so hard raising their children, ironing, washing, preparing food … giving [their children] an orientation … This was never recognised as work yet it is such hard work! ... Now the revolution puts you first, you too are workers, you housewives, workers in the home."

arrowMar 2013: Roadkill Radio interviews Kids First President, Helen Ward, on the "Gender Equity Rankings" report by the World Economic Forum (gender equity is not about women's empowerment), HELP's Dr Paul Kershaw, and BC's $10/day daycare push

arrowFeb 28, 2013: Vancouver Co-op radio interviews Kids First President, Helen Ward, on the Early Development Instrument, daycare, all-day Kindergarten and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)

arrowFeb 26, 2013: Tyee article Stress is Killing Gender Equality in Canada

arrow2012: World Economic Forum "The Gender Gap Report"

arrowFeb 2013: Landmark Human Rights Case for Families

arrowFeb 2013: Top Daycare Lobbyist Leaves a Troubling Legacy: Dr Clyde Hertzman

arrowTVO Parents Videos: In The Importance of Attachment, Gordon Neufeld explains his opposition to all-day kindergarten. He says, "the state should not be commissioned to take care of our children" and "to hand the child over to the state: the state is only too eager to say, 'We are better for your child than you are', 'We can train our people to take care of...' but it's not about the training."

Also check out the TVO Parents videos from The Child Development and Community Conference. Topics include bullying, attachment, digital age, peer-orientation, and parental stress.

arrowNov 2012: Report on bullying policy by Institute for Family & Marriage Canada "Family responses to bullying: Why governments won't stop bullying until families step up." This report applies attachment theory and Dr Gordon Neufeld's work to the issue of bullying and recommends policies that build attachment rather relying on children to police each other.

arrowQuebec daycare kids more likely to be obese: Nov 2012: Study published in Journal of Pediatrics finds daycare linked to obesity (head author: Marie-Claude Geoffroy)
CBC article: "Obesity odds may be higher for children in daycare

Toronto Star: “Daycare and obesity: Parents weigh in on why kids in daycare more likely to be overweight

arrow"Gender equity" style parenting resulted in more mental health problems for kids
March 2012: Study published in International Journal for Equity in Health of “gender equity” parenting (both parents spending equal amounts of time at jobs and doing child care) in Sweden finds children have more mental health problems with gender equal parents.

"Could gender equality in parental leave harm off-springs' mental health? a registry study of the Swedish parental/child cohort of 1988/89
arrowData Mining Canadian Kids: A document authored by Dr Clyde Hertzman of HELP, Canada's leading guru pushing privacy-violating data mining and institutional child care, outlines "5 Year Plan".
Here is the 2009 document prepared by the Monitoring Committee of the Early Childhood Learning Knowledge Centre The World's Best Infrastructure for Child Development Statistics in Canada: Strategies for Federal-Provincial-Territorial Collaboration

arrowFeb 2012: Ottawa Citizen article "All work and no play . . . Is not good for the developing brain, says psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld." Neufeld says, "The only resistance I get is from policy-makers."

arrowMore bad news for Sweden's mothers & economy: Full-time job + kids = disability = pension
May 2012: British Medical Journal article - "Disability pension among young women in Sweden, with special emphasis on family structure: a dynamic cohort study"
FINDING: "Parenthood contributed to an increased risk of going on D[isability]P[ension] among young women."
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