Supporting children’s well-being and parental child care since 1987.

“Parents are children’s best bet.” – Dr Gordon Neufeld, Canadian development psychologist

Have you noticed..?
* parent-child relationships are being undermined by government and business.
* government and business are coercing us to spend less time with our children.
* parents’ and children’s rights are routinely violated by government agencies.
* much of the information parents get from government agencies and media is inaccurate.
* our children’s well-being is suffering.
Kids First seeks to protect parents’ interests so we can protect our children’s well-being.

Latest Updates

Daycare Lobby Power Grab History: Toronto Star Daycare Reporter Describes How Canada’s Daycare Lobby Legacy Feminists Got Power by Getting in Bed With the Business Elite Neo-lib/Cons, “The Boys”, “The Suits” at RBC, the World Bank and the OCED

2005. Laurie Monsabraaten. Toronto Star – (news article): “The ‘Tiny Tot’ brigade; The daycare lobby believed it might actually for the first time in 30 years taste victory a publicly funded, national child-care program. But defeat seems to be making…

2021 Federal Budget: $30 Billion More Over 6 yrs For Non-Parental Institutional Child Care – Government Attack On the Right of Children, Women, Parents

The top priority in the April 2021 federal budget was more institutional child care and coercing all mothers into full time jobs. On top of additional massive funding, $30 billion more over 6 years was offered including a much expanded…