Supporting children’s well-being and parental child care since 1987.

“Parents are children’s best bet.” – Dr Gordon Neufeld, Canadian development psychologist

Have you noticed..?
* parent-child relationships are being undermined by government and business.
* government and business are coercing us to spend less time with our children.
* parents’ and children’s rights are routinely violated by government agencies.
* much of the information parents get from government agencies and media is inaccurate.
* our children’s well-being is suffering.
Kids First seeks to protect parents’ interests so we can protect our children’s well-being.

Latest Updates

Unheard Voices: Discussing  Canada’s National Daycare System – Daycare policy leaves out many or most voices.

2021 October 14. Cardus – (web video): “Unheard Voices: Discussing  Canada’s National Daycare System“ Cardus’ Unheard Voices series brings more voices in. This panel discussion on the Canada-wide childcare policy features Karen Renkema of the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada,…

Kids First Complaint and BC Attorney General response re: so-called “mature minor consent” in section 17 of BC Infants Act to medical treatment:- this violates Charter rights of parents and children- the government’s aggressive communications campaign informing minors they can hide and lie about their health care to their parents also violates the Charter

2021 May – email to BC government, Dr Bonny Henry, & health care officials requesting suspension of the Infants Act and government communications campaign targeting minors with message that violates Charter rights of parents and children To ‘health care providers’,…

Residential Schools Became Child Protection Services Says Head of Truth & Reconciliation Commission

2018 October 27. Canadian Press – (web news article): “Residential school ‘monster’ now lives in child-welfare system: senator: Sen. Murray Sinclair said there are more children in Canada’s child-welfare system today than there were at the height of residential schools“ For…