Supporting children’s well-being and parental child care since 1987.

“Parents are children’s best bet.” – Dr Gordon Neufeld, Canadian development psychologist

Have you noticed..?
* parent-child relationships are being undermined by government and business.
* government and business are coercing us to spend less time with our children.
* parents’ and children’s rights are routinely violated by government agencies.
* much of the information parents get from government agencies and media is inaccurate.
* our children’s well-being is suffering.
Kids First seeks to protect parents’ interests so we can protect our children’s well-being.

Latest Updates

Residential Schools Became Child Protection Services Says Head of Truth & Reconciliation Commission

2018 October 27. Canadian Press – (web news article): “Residential school ‘monster’ now lives in child-welfare system: senator: Sen. Murray Sinclair said there are more children in Canada’s child-welfare system today than there were at the height of residential schools“ For…

Government Attacks Parental Consent for Kids’ Health Care: “Mature Minors” & BC Infants Act

2021 June. Kids First – (youtube video): “BC Government Campaign Attacks Parental Consent for Kids’ Health Care: “Mature Minors” & BC Infants Act“ Parents’ legal obligation and right to determine their children’s health care is under attack across Canada. The…

Separating Children From Parents Has Been a Strategy of Canadian Politicians Since Before Confederation

2021 June. National Post – (web news article): “The Canadians who thought Residential Schools were a good idea“ For KF archive copy of news article see here Note: Edgerton Ryerson was the ‘father’ of not only the Residential School system…