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Daycare lobby “research” (none of it peer-reviewed) is being used to promote more institutional child care. The following papers by HELP—the Human Early Learning Partnership are…

2009—15 by 15: A Comprehensive Policy Framework for Early Human Capital Investment in BC—written for the BC Business Council by Hertzman, P. Kershaw, L. Anderson, and B. Warburton

SYNOPSIS: This report makes the unexplained and undefined claim that nearly 30% of children are “vulnerable.” This “problem” will be fixed by putting billions into institutional child care. This will save BC over $400 BILLION and save Canada $3.1 TRILLION.

Presentation to Federal Finance Committee

2007—Measuring Up: Family Benefits in British Columbia and Alberta in International Perspective —by P. Kershaw

SYNOPSIS: The report claims that more spending on institutional child care is needed because double-income families get a larger “benefit package” than single income families and those on welfare. The spending is also to create incentives for mothers to get full-time jobs to meet so-called “gender equity” goals. Excluded from the calculations are: governments’ cost of subsidizing daycare and parents’ cost of forgoing paid work to do unwaged child care.

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