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Kids First FAQ video: What evidence does Kids First use?

Gordon Neufeld on roles of the family and state

May 2013 Global News report: Early childhood care overhaul needed: poll

Who is Responsible for Children? on Corus radio’s April 14, 2013 Roy Green Show: Kids First President Helen Ward discusses the claim that children belong to the community “collective” and are not the “private” responsibility of their parents as described by US pundit Melissa Harris-Parry in this recent MSNBC ad

Mar 2013: Roadkill Radio interviews Kids First President, Helen Ward, on the “Gender Equity Rankings” report by the World Economic Forum (gender equity is not about women’s empowerment), HELP’s Dr Paul Kershaw, and BC’s $10/day daycare push

Feb 28, 2013: Vancouver Co-op radio interviews Kids First President, Helen Ward, on the Early Development Instrument, daycare, all-day Kindergarten and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)

Videos by TVO, Gordon Neufeld and others.

Click here: Check out more TVO Parents videos from The Child Development and Community Conference

Click here: Kids First on the Roy Green Show talking about the new book Drop the Worry Ball: How to Parent in the Age of Entitlement by psychologist, Alex Russell, and Tim Falconer. Follow the link on the right for Sunday, July 22, 3rd segment.

Feb 2012: “Sext Up Kids,” a CBC Doc zone video on the sexualization of girls, boys & porn, ‘sexting’, youth high-risk sexual behaviour rising

May 2012: “Facebook Follies,” a CBC Doc zone video on privacy and the effects of Facebook on our lives

May 2012: “Generation Boomerang,” a CBC Doc zone video on adult offspring living with parents

Link here: Sweden is “the model” state for (anti-) family policy in all “developed nations” according to the OECD. Canada is pursuing this model. Jonas Himmelstrand of Sweden, interviewed here, a homeschooling father of 3, went into exile recently following massive fines being imposed on him for home education. In this video he discusses the state’s control of child rearing/education through personal data-tracking, massive funding of non-parental child care, and the virtual outlawing of home-learning: Jonas Himmelstrand Interview – March 4th 2012 – Sligo, Ireland

Sept 2011, Kids First Australia video: Australian PM Gillard insults mothers: every mother works!

June 26, 2011: Helen Ward in a panel discussion on Corus radio’s Roy Green Show on the role of parents in the Vancouver riot. Listen to “The me, me, me generation” podcast

May 5, 2011: Jonas Himmelstrand of Sweden’s Mireja Institute debunks the myth that Sweden is a social utopia based on its national daycare program

Brain Development & Addiction with Gabor Mate

Feb 1, 2011 interview on Roadkill radio on violation of privacy and parental consent, UBC’s HELP, the EDI and data linkage

Kids First on the Roy Green Show. Sunday Jan 16, 2011. A discussion of the Senate “spanking” Bill, OECD, “shared responsibility” between the state and parents and school awards. Go to Jan 16, 12 pm. Listen to segments with the minute counter starting at 6:20, 21:20, 33:30, and 47:20.

Link here: Why are our kids obsessed with things, shopping & media? Watch Consuming Kids: The Commmercialization of Childhood. In the 1980s, government wiped out laws that limited advertising to children. Now from birth kids are drowning in marketing scientifically designed to attach them to products and to teach them to nag parents to buy.

Dec 2010: Vancouver Co-op Radio Interview with Kids First on Raising Kids in Capitalism. See Dec 15, 2010, 1 pm

Dec 10, 2010: CKNW Bill Good Show interview on “work-life balance” Dec 10, 2010. Go to Dec 10, 2010, 10 am, minute 32, then 43:30 (Kids First calls in), then 55.

Paul Kershaw, HELP’s childless sociologist…

  • says Helen Ward of Kids First spreads “a lot of mis-information”
  • recommends cutting health care funding to pay for early schooling & “wrap around daycare”, complains of “disease fetish”
  • claims Nordic parents look after their young children more than Canadian parents (see Day care statistics from Sweden 2009: 92% age 18 months to 5 years registered in daycare centres )
  • says “part of caring means earning”
  • admits most daycare is low quality

Carol Matusicky of Vanier Institute for Family recommends “state intervening” increasingly in early years.

Nov 2010—A Swede speaks out on negative outcomes of government daycare policy

Sept 7, 2010—CBC interview on BC Almanac on all-day Kindergarten with Paul Kershaw of HELP and Helen Ward of Kids First. Kershaw crticizes Ward because she “doesn’t have a PhD” and says all-day K has “potential, IF…” (Go to minute 30:55 of the podcast.)

Link here: Kids First discusses all-day Kindergarten on the CKNW Bill Good Show (Go to August 30, 9:00 am. The discussion starts at minute 32. Helen Ward of Kids First is on at minute 40.)

Link here: Real Debate Needed: BC Government announces $144 million MORE for all-day K capital costs. Listen to a discussion about all-day Kindergarten on BC’s top current affairs radio show, CKNW’s Bill Good Show, where 9 out of 10 callers are against no-choice all-day K. (Go to June 15, 11:00 am, then to minute 32:30 for the half hour segment.)

Queensland, Australia: Kids Fail New All-day Kindergarten. When the 3 half-day per week program for 5 yr olds was dropped for 5 full days per week, many kids failed the program or grade according to data found in a Freedom of Information request. The previous “play-based” program became formal schooling. April 19, 2010 TV News video with Tempe Harvey of Kids First Australia

Feb 15, 2010: CBC radio interview with Helen Ward, Kids First President on all-day Kindergarten, and BC government cuts to family services as part of an “integrated approach.” Go to 1:02 to hear interview

Sunday Feb 7, 2010: Michael Ignatieff promises national daycare as a top priority. Kids First on Corus radio interview. Go to Feb 07, 2010, 12:00 pm. To avoid commercials, go minute 7 then 23 then 33 then 47.

Raj Patel: Women’s unpaid child-rearing and community work is a big part of the discussion of true costs vs price. Listen to this CBC podcast (at part 2) with Raj Patel, an economist who has worked for the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, discussing his new book, The Value of Nothing: Why Everything Costs So Much More Than We Think.

Jan 21 2009: BC Minister of Education on spending on all-day kindergarten and school for 0-5 year olds despite cuts to other school funds. CBC radio BC Almanac interview – about half way through podcast.

Dec 21, 2009: Kids & Drinking: UK Chief Medical Officer says parents should allow no alcohol. Helen Ward of Kids First says parent-child attachment prevents substance abuse in an interview with CHQR in Calgary on Dec 21, 2009 (go to 3 pm Dec 21 and then to minute 36:30).

Sept 29, 2009 interview on HELP and data collection

July 28, 2009: Interview on all-day kindergarten/daycare, how money is being shifted from welfare families to daycare and the corporate right’s support for daycare

Breastfeeding initiation through “breast crawl.” This video shows a newborn crawling to nipple and latching. Promoted by WHO and UNICEF

“Scam”—ABC’s 20/20 on Universal Preschool

Fall 2008: Archived Interviews on Child-Related Policy in the 2008 Federal Election Campaign with Kids First President, Helen Ward

April 11, 2008: The Root Causes of Addiction—love, babies and neuroscience: Listen to a CBC radio interview with doctor, author and columnist, Dr. Gabor Mate, currently working with adults with drug addictions on Vancouver’s downtown eastside. He links daycare use and lack of parental nurturing with addiction. He says “parents should be given every support to stay at home with their kids as long as possible.”

Go to April 11, 2008. Click on the “PORTLAND HOTEL CONTINUED” audio link (the other link is to interviews with his patient/addicts and nurse). The especially relevant bits start at 9:40 minutes and 11 minutes.

Click here: See the TVO debate on daycare and full-day kindergarten for 4 and 5 year olds. Charles Pascal, the Ontario advisor on full-day schooling for tots, and daycare economist Gordon Cleveland win our BEER AND POPCORN AWARD for contemptuous attitudes towards parents and our DAYCARE DISINFORMATION AWARD for misleading information. Click on the Dec 5 episode.

March 26, 2007: Kids First’s Helen Ward is interviewed on the CBC radio show “The Current”.

Click here: World Bank corporate right backing daycare: Royal Bank of Canada Vice President Charlie Coffey speaks of the “business imperative” in “Early Child Development,” which in practice means daycare.

Partisan Controvery: Carolyn Bennett, Toronto MP and candidate for Liberal leadership, said it’s good the government is building more prisons because we’ll need them since they are canceling the daycare deals.

  • For more information see: ProudToBeCanadian Blog, and click “Liberals endorse Conservative Jail-Building Plan.”

  • Mike Duffy gives Ms Bennett a chance to explain herself. She says it’s “early learning” that is needed. See Go to “Mike Duffy Live” and click the Bennett link.

Click here: Neuroscience and child development article, “Wild Young Brains” about maternal vs peer-raised young

Click here: American “feminist” slams mothers with degrees who look after their own kids

Click here: Sweden has long emphasized “gender equity”—even the daycare curriculum specifies this. However, rising domestic violence against women in Sweden may indicate that this policy is unsuccessful. The link is to CBC radio show “The Current”. (Audio)

Link here: CBC archives: daycare issues over the decades (Audio and video)

Debate: Daycare, mothers, jobs on CBC radio “The Current,” April 20, 2006—interviews on daycare issues.

April 18, 2006: PM announces new Child Care Allowance in Burnaby, BC.