CKNW Bill Good Show interview on “work-life balance” Dec 10, 2010

CKNW Bill Good Show interview on “work-life balance” Dec 10, 2010. Go to Dec 10, 2010, 10 am, minute 32, then 43:30 (Kids First calls in), then 55.

Paul Kershaw, HELP’s childless sociologist…

  • says Helen Ward of Kids First spreads “a lot of mis-information”
  • recommends cutting health care funding to pay for early schooling & “wrap around daycare”, complains of “disease fetish”
  • claims Nordic parents look after their young children more than Canadian parents (see Day care statistics from Sweden 2009: 92% age 18 months to 5 years registered in daycare centres )
  • says “part of caring means earning”
  • admits most daycare is low quality

Carol Matusicky of Vanier Institute for Family recommends “state intervening” increasingly in early years.

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