Research on Daycare and Low Birthrates

The linked article is quite in depth regarding the failure of daycare-ist policy to increase birthrates in Europe, especially in Sweden-and exposes the lie that daycare has raised birthrates.

The OECD and the European Commission and many national governments are very concerned about low (some under 1) birthrates and daycare has been advanced as the solution. Canada’s birthrate is under 1.5-our lowest ever. (broken link)

Raising birthrates is also claimed as a reason for daycare-ism in Canada especially in Quebec (lowest birthrate in Canada) where the birth-bonuses of $8,000 for a third child were ended and transfered to funding daycare partly because of this false argument.

The article does not mention the role of big business and banks (World Bank, etc) in supporting daycare-ism but concentrates on the role of the unisexualist sect of feminism.

The role of this pseudo-left group is to be the chosen “state feminists” of the powerful corporate forces without whom they would get nowhere. They are apparently happy with their collusion with the corporate patriarchy, and clearly do not mind the hardship/abuse that their policies cause women and children.

Helen Ward,
President Kids First Parent Association of Canada

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