Media Release December 12th, 2005


Kids First Parent Association of Canada

Sunday on CBC’s political panel, Scott Reid, strategist and top adviser for the Liberal Party, repeatedly insisted that parents would “blow” the $1200/year per child 0-5 promised by the Conservative Party on beer, popcorn and videos. Martin later scrambled to apologize for these utterly typical comments.

Kid First Parent Association of Canada wants to know where is the accountability for this hate-mongering. The political is the personal. Who will pay compensation for the damage this oft-stated position causes?

Where is the accountability and the compensation for the painful personal results of this government-sponsored hate campaign against the women as mothers and babysitters who do the vast majority of early learning and child care work? Our elected officials routinely support statements that mothers are inactive, not “working”, are a “loss” to the economy when we look after our own children. They openly accuse all who care for children outside of daycare—primarily women as mothers—of providing care that is inferior to that provided in state-regulated daycare. In doing so the state is itself guilty of abusing women, and inciting others to do likewise.

And who exactly is accountable for compensating for the documented damage being done to children and babies in government regulated care? The mounting international evidence is alarming and conclusive: children are more aggressive, non-compliant, stressed, sick, and have poorer parenting as a result of daycare. What about the babies in Quebec’s daycares where one “regulated” staff is now allowed to “care” for eight one year olds?

And who is accountable when the promises are exposed to be the big lies that they were known all along to be? Who will pay for the broken promises when daycare fails to: raise IQs, lower crime, lower addictions and teen pregnancy, save billions in social costs, improve social cohesion and health, or equip Canada to beat China and India in the global economy?

Our ruling elites cannot plead ignorance of the facts when they formulate their anti-woman, anti-child, anti-parent policy. High quality care and development are not assured by any of the grossly inadequate daycare regulations.

The Liberals, the NDP and the Conservatives must cease their shared policy of preferentially funding daycare. The state has no place in the child care choices of the nation.

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