Corporate Right World Bankers Lobbying for Daycare—Speech

Royal Bank of Canada Vice President Charlie Coffey speaks of the “business imperative” in “Early Child Development,” which means daycare.

Speech text at:
Video of speech at:

We agree that care and learning and development are good for children, but the “science” does not say “daycare” is synonymous with “care”, “development” or “learning”.

The World Bank has a poor record in the area of children’s and family well-being. The purpose of for-profit corporations is increasing corporate profit. Corporations will profit …

  1. by getting into and supplying the daycare industry through “Private Public Partnerships”—the government guarantees money for “spaces” (even if children are not in them), training, capital and equipment supplied by the corporations

  2. through lower wages as money is transferred away from direct support to families (child benefits, welfare) and into daycare. This loss of income-support is intended to force more parents to spend more time in and looking for jobs in the “flexible” workforce of the new global economy

  3. through low wages as daycare acts as a wage-subsidy to low-wage McJobs for mums and dads
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