What is Feminism?

Pop-Culture Shocker: TV Cartoon Tackles Mums’ Work Choices

By Chella Turnbull. Received by e-mail June 29, 2006

I watched a very popular cartoon the other evening—it’s called “The Family Guy”—quite bizarre and popular with guys especially.

The male character got sued by a co-worker for making a comment about her breasts. Her lawyer was a stereo-typical “militant feminist” type. The guy’s wife (an unpaid-worker “stay-at-home” Mom with 2 teenage kids) was peeved that he got sued over a comment that she feels was harmless.

The lawyer berated her as follows: “You should be grateful for what we are doing. We’ve been fighting so that women like you can get out of the home and out to work where you belong!” To which the Mom said, “Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? If you ask me, feminism is all about choice! And I choose to stay home and take care of my family!” At which point they get into a fistfight and beat each other up (as I said, the show is popular with the guys…)

Thought you might want to know about this because television reflects popular culture. I’ve never before seen this issue done like that on such a well-watched show before. Popular culture is now reflecting the new choices that women want to have for themselves. The times, they are a-changin’!!

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