Article: “Parents of babies to be given ‘learning diaries’ so experts can monitor children”

May 29, 2007. Daily Mail – article (web): “Parents of babies to be given ‘learning diaries’ so experts can monitor children

This article about new Orwellian tactics was brought to our attention via Sweden. It seems there is money for everyone but the parents—especially lower income parents—when it comes to child rearing.

A similar initiative have begun in Canada. For example see this corporate ($20 million/year) and government sponsored organization gets funding from some provincial governments to do “parent training.”

One reason parents are classified as “lower income” is because they are parents, and another is that they may be prioritizing unpaid child rearing work over paid job work. The openly contemptuous attitude towards lower-income parents must be labelled for what it is: a form of discrimination—with hate speech attached to it—as repugnant as racism.

Families would have higher incomes if academics, bureaucrats and daycare industry personnel were not all getting billions in public funds that once went directly to parents. It seems highly unethical for academics/researchers to be very well paid to study lower income families, like lab rats, who are themselves unpaid for the work they must do for the academics’ research.

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