Background to All-Day Kindergarten: The “Integration” Agenda to Merge Daycare and School

  • Analysis by Kids First of the “Blueprint Paper” for Child & Family Policy by the OECD, UNESCO and World Bank. Quotes from, links to, and Kids First commentary on the key ideological strategy document behind daycare and all-day kindergarten: STATED GOAL: “INTEGRATION.”
    • All programs from prenatal to age 18 under Ministry of Education
    • “Shared responsibility between the state and the family” for child rearing
    • “Professionalization of care”

      2008. Helen Ward. Kids First Association of Canada – crique (PDF): Haddad Analysis

  • The BC Ministry of Children and Family Development funded the speech by Royal Bank VP, Charles Coffey, through the Human Early Learning Partner.

    “It’s clear that business has a vested interest in supporting and influencing the development of sound public policy, as business has a stake in early learning and child care outcomes” “Key stakeholders have come together to endorse this speaker series. It’s supported by … funding from the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development through the Human Early Learning Partnership.”

    February 23, 2005. Charles Coffey. RBC – speech transcription (web): Let’s “get on with it…” Investing in children – it’s our business!
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