2008 BC Sham “Public Consultation” Process (broken link)

Below is a collection of articles of Kids First coverage of the 2008 pubic consultation undergone by the BC government in its consideration of all-day schooling for 3 to 5 year olds:

arrow“Stakeholders” list excludes public and parents. (Download PDF here) Government’s list of groups consulted and/or invited to participate in secretive “public” consultation: daycare lobbyists, public sector unions, school-tied professionals, and businesses are favoured with invitations while parents are not.

arrowDeadline extended to August 15 for submissions to BC Early Learning Agency on all-day schooling for 3 to 5 year olds: Ministry of Education news release, July 18 (broken link) (original deadline)

arrowBiased Consultation (Kids First update): All five “Experts in the Field of Early Childhood Education” listed by the BC Government for the consultation are from HELP (Human Early Learning Partnership), including Hillel Goelman, HELP Director and author of the 2007 Vancouver Sun article describing and demanding all day schooling for ages 3-5

arrow“Research” the BC government is using in all-day schooling consultation: The list provided by the Ministry of Education at our request reveals a great deal of material by daycare lobbyists and their organizations, most of it not peer reviewed (M. Friendly, J. Beach, Cleveland, Krashinsky, G. Doherty, J. Bertrand, L. Anderson, Hillel Goelman, Alan Pence, HELP, RAND, OECD, F. Mustard, McCain, P. Kershaw , R. Mahon, Perry Preschool, etc).

arrowIs the BC government responding to KF’s complaint of secrecy in consultation process? See article in The Province: Earlier start and full-day kindergarten being considered (broken link)

arrowBC Government press release (broken link) re: consultation on all-day schooling for 3-5 year olds (after Kids First reported there has been no press release)

arrowIs full-day schooling for ages 3-5 a foregone conclusion? The UBC body promoting more institutional child care announces “Universal ‘Child Care’ Coming” before the so called “consultation” has even taken place or the “agency” to discuss it has been formed. Read more (Kids First article).

arrowJune 27, 2008 Press Release (Kids First article): BC government conducting secret “public” consultations

Unpublicized public consultation by the BC government in response to the proposed full day schooling for ages 3-5. The “consultation” paper is vague on any specifics (example: no information on costs, research is mentioned but not actually named, “high quality” is not defined) and highly biased in favour of expanding tax-funded schooling to very young children.

Bias: All-Day K for 3-5 Pushed by the BC Government Top Advisers Far in Advance

  • HELP announces ‘Universal “Child Care” Coming’ yet the Education Minister says full-day K for age 3 to 5 is just an idea they are planning to explore. So is it a done deal with no parent consultation?
    February 2008. Human Early Learning Partnership – email listserv: HELP Listserv news
  • Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) family/child policy document (broken link) This is being studied by all BC MLAs. It was written by HELP Director Dr Clyde Hertzman (epidemiologist with the World Bank), and HELP staff: Dr Paul Kershaw (sociologist), Ms Lynelle Anderson (accountant and former staff of Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada), and Dr Bill Warburton (economist).

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