Swedish Parliament hears about the importance of parent-child attachment

Canadian Developmental psychologist’s Dr Gordon Neufeld’s work cited
From Jonas Himmelstrand, a Swedish friend of Kids First:

Dear friends,

Sweden’s rigid day care based family policies may start to loosen up, even though the journey can be long.

I was invited to speak at a seminar in the Swedish Parliament on December 10, 2008. My speech was based on my Swedish book “Following your heart – in the social utopia of Sweden.” I gave a straight to the point speech on the dangers of using tax policies and subsidies to introduce separation between parents and children, as Sweden does today.

My entire 15 minute speech can be read in English translation on the web: http://www.stratletter.com/dec10speech.html

The seminar was arranged by a group within the Christian Democrats – one of seven Swedish political parties in Parliament – working on developing future family policies. Other speakers were Louise Hallin, a well-known Swedish midwife and psychotherapist, and Helene Sigfridsson, chair of the Swedish association of single parents. We each given 15 minutes to introduce the seminar, then a discussion followed. About 30 people attended the seminar, mostly members of Parliament of almost all political parties, and a few people from the media and NGOs.

Please feel free to take contact if you have any questions.

Best regards

Jonas Himmelstrand

PS. More information in English about my book can be found here: http://www.thehappycompany.eu/follow_heart.html
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