Pascal Adviser from OECD Says State is Responsible for Child-Rearing (broken link)

Whose Children are They?
This Power Point presentation tells us where the daycare lobbyists want us to go.

It is by OECD/UNESCO/UNCEF top daycare man John Bennett.

He lied about Canadian daycare lobbyist Martha Friendly’s OECD ties in the National Post (see “The OECD and Canada’s Daycare Lobby: Ties Denied“).

His so-called “research” is cited by Charles Pascal’s Ontario daycare/kindergarten report.

This presentation was made to the 2007 Child Care “An Ocean of Caring” conference in Halifax.

It explains the problem with Canada:

Canada: An ambiguity about whether rearing children is a parental or state responsibility (broken link)

Parents have the legal responsibility and liability for the bills, the care, the well-being. The “state”—whoever that is—does not.

See the rest of the speakers and a nice picture of Bennett with an little black girl and his biography—lots of work with World Bank /HELP’s Alan Pence too. (broken link)
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