Deadline for Submissions on "Kindergarten" Expansion Extended to Monday March 29, 2010 (broken link)

Mar 19, 2010—We have just learned that late last week the Ontario government’s Social Policy Committee EXTENDED the DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS on BILL 242 Full Day Early Learning Statute Law Amendment Act, 2010 to MARCH 29, 5 PM Ontario time (EST).

There MAY be another opportunity for people to present in person—to enquire call Kate, committee assistant at (416) 325-3538.

Read Bill 242 (broken links)

The government has not heard from those opposing this policy, which has been designed and pushed by daycare activists in Canada and internationally (OECD, World Bank, RAND Corporation). Send in a submission or an additional submission.

Email to

Clerk of the Committee, Mr Katch Koch:

or fax

Fax: 416-325-3505

99 Wellesley Street West Room 1405, Whitney Block Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON M7A 1A2
TTY: (416) 325-3538

BILL 242 will change the laws to allow for all-day schooling for children ages 3-5, and for “extended day” school programs from 7 am -6 pm.

The goal stated in Dr Charles Pascal’s report for the Ontario government, in accordance with the unelected, unaccountable OECD’s 2003 recommended agenda for Canada, is programs 11 hours/day 50 weeks/year for ages 0-12 run by the Ministry of Education in schools and with schools as “hubs” for other programs, as in Sweden. “Kindergarten” is being used because it’s easier to sell than “free daycare for all that you pay with huge tax increases”.

Read the report by Dr Charles Pascal (broken link), a long time daycare lobbyist, on which this Bill is based.

Other Submissions

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