Speak out against all-day Kindergarten (broken link)

From an e-mail by Kate Tennier of Kindergarten Credit.

Kids First Note: The Ontario situation directly affects all provinces. In BC there was not even an election promise for all-day K yet it has been imposed, and they are planning to do the same with Universal Pre Kindergarten for age 3-4 (includes 2 year olds) and “wrap around” daycare and “extended day” in schools. See Pre-Kindergarten (broken link)

Take a minute to speak out against ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN (ADK):

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives have launched a voter survey. By responding to the short paragraph regarding ADK you will send a clear message to the PCs, who could form the next government, that this program is NOT what Ontarians want. The brief Kindergarten section is found under ‘Education’, half way down the survey and it is not mandatory to give your name or contact information: http://www.haveyoursayontario.ca (broken link)

I strongly suggest NOT checking off the box which ‘offers parents a choice between half and full day’ as it is turning out to not be a real choice. This ‘fake choice’ will only entrench All-day Kindergarten. I only checked off the 3rd box, ‘PROVIDING PARENTS WITH DIRECT FINANCIAL SUPPORT’.

  • And remember, McGuinty is hiring laid-off workers, ‘retraining’ them, putting them in All-day Kindergarten and … calling this ‘quality early education’. The Liberals actually state that All-day Kindergarten along with ‘worker retraining’ is part of their ‘Open Ontario Plan to create jobs and grow the economy’. They are using our kids.
  • I have voted across the political spectrum but will vote for the PCs this time if they eliminate this destructive program, something I indicated in the comment section at the bottom – you may want to do the same.

Please forward this email to all parents, grandparents, future parents, daycare workers, teachers, concerned citizens, etc – pretty much everyone. As always, please contact me if you would like further information.


Kate Tennier
Phone: 416-469-0105

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