Defining “vulnerability”: HELP has not published EDI definitions

Defining “vulnerability”: HELP has not published EDI definitions and methodology for calculating 25-30+% “vulnerable” or “not ready to learn” or “at risk” in peer-reviewed journals.

How is “vulnerability” defined? “Vulnerability” is defined differently in different documents. Sometimes it is defined as exactly the same as “not ready learn at school”, sometimes not.

Has the definition of “vulnerability” changed – or not? In “EDI – Frequently Asked Questions”[1] HELP says the vulnerability “cut offs” have not changed. This statement conflicts with its statement that “cut offs have been changed “as a result of our work in BC” found in HELP’s BC Atlas of Child Development 2006, by Kershaw, Hertzman etc, see page 26 (broken link). For more on different EDI vulnerability “cut offs” read this comparison of HELP 2006 cut offs and Offord Centre 2008 cut offs[2].

[1] Human Early Learning Partnership – infosheet (PDF): “EDI – Frequently Asked Questions

[2] 2011. Helen Ward. Kids First Parent Association of Canada – datasheet (PDF): “Offord Centre’s 10th percentile cut-off from 2008 national cohort VERSUS HELP’s cut-offs published 2006

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