Feb 2013: Landmark Human Rights Case for Families (broken link)

Feb 2013:

Landmark Human Rights Case for Families

A court ruled that child care is a real need and not a life style choice and that the employer must make accommodation for this need as would be required for disability or religious belief under Canadian Human Rights law.

Discrimination about child care needs was considered discrimination on the grounds of “family status”.

Though this decision may go to the Supreme Court of Canada and though there are many valid reasons to oppose this decision, we welcome the legal recognition of parents’ child care obligations and children’s care needs.

Kids First is considering a Human Rights complaint that will address the discrimination by government in policies that define “child care” as non-parental care and policies that define “work” as only waged work.

For example, tax policy defines “child care” to specifically exclude parental child care in the Child Care Expense Deduction.

Kids First President, Helen Ward, discusses the ruling on the Roy Green Show

Go to Feb 9 at 11 am and then to minute 33:40.

More in this news article with a link to the judge’s ruling.

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