Tax-Funded Daycare Lobbying

Astro-turf Grassroots: How much we pay some top tax-funded child poverty/daycare lobbyists:

In yet another egregious example of tax-funded lobbying for policies that discriminate against parental child care we have the $10/ day daycare “Generation Squeeze campaign run by Paul Kershaw and Lynelle Anderson through UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), which is very generously funded by the BC government.

Expensive slick videos, ads, editorials, parties and presentations push a massive increase in daycare funding by claiming that baby boomers are hogging public funding.

Fast and flaky statistics are the norm, for example: crime will be reduced by one third; one third of kindergarten kids are “at risk” – they can’t hold a pen or walk up stairs.

Anderson is an accountant who used to be staff at the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada.

Kershaw is a sociologist. Despite his 6-figure salary, he spoke at a recent tax-funded SFU  forum on Tackling Child Poverty

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