Polls Consistently Show Large Majority Prefer Parental Child Care

SWEDEN (daycare capital of the world): Polls show 64% say parents should get financial support to care for their children.

Swedish poll results

CANADA: Vanier Institute for the Family 2004
“9 out of 10 say one parent should be at home with preschool child” and 6-7 out of 10 say same for elementary school age child.
Parental care is ranked #1, daycare centre care is ranked #5
(Vanier Institute survey, 2004, section 5 and section 8 – #5)

CANADA: National Foundation for Family Research and Education – 2000
“Should government give money to daycare so it costs less, or should government give money to parents so parents can better afford whatever care they themselves decide is best for their own children?”
79% said parents (a 10% increase since 1997), 21% said daycare (Compass poll for NFFRE 2000)

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