June 2013 – Violating parental consent with "passive consent": kids used as junk science research subjects by UBC's HELP

The following letter, article, and editorial appeared in the Boundary Creek Times:

In June, UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) declined to provide a copy of its Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) until unspecified time, but elementary school students are asked to answer the 70+ invasive personal questions and HELP takes the data and links it to medical, census and other private records AND parents’ records “from preconception” on.  “Passive consent” is used to obtain parental consent. Students’ consent is not asked for. So much for their desire to hear “children’s voices.”

June 2013 email form HELP declining to provide copy of MDI at present:

Thank you for your interest in the MDI project.  We are in the process of copyrighting the MDI questionnaire and plan to post it our website and make it publicly available once that process is complete.  I will keep your contact information on file and will forward you a copy of the MDI at that time.
Please forward a copy of the MDI. Also, please explain why a copy of the MDI is not available on the HELP website.

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