More All-Day Kindergarten Propaganda Packaged as Research

September 2013.

The Ontario Ministry of Education produced yet another non-peer reviewed “study” showing 2 long expensive years of all-day Kindergarten produces slightly fewer children designated “vulnerable” using the subjective teacher-reported Early Development Instrument and that more schooling will “save” children from crime and save trillions, etc

A 2010 Duke University study – peer reviewed – shows the slight academic advantage of all-day K over half day disappears by Grade 3

Kids First on Global TV news

Kids First commentary – includes ‘Bad news they left out”

Toronto Star article (plus video about ‘kindergarten only’ school, Fraser Mustard Academy, in Toronto with 700 little children

Original Toronto Star article – includes saving taxpayers “1 a trillion year”:

Ontario Ministry of Education webpage report on the unavailable non-peer reviewed study

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