SUBSIDIZED DAYCARE = SUBSIDIZED PROFITS = CORPORATE WELFARE: Quebec daycare economists promote the Quebec daycare system because it increases labour supply and thus lowers wages which increases business profits. They also endorse neo-liberal/neo-conservative “trickle down theory” asserting that “eventually” this benefits “all components”.

“What are the consequences for the economy of several tens of thousands of women entering the Quebec labour force? More people looking for work exercises downward pressure on wages, which induces firms to employ more women…. The slower rate of wage growth increases business profitability …. All components of domestic income eventually benefit from the arrival of new workers.”

from “Impact of Quebec’s Universal Low Fee Childcare Program on Female Labour Force Participation, Domestic Income, and Government Budgets” 2012 working paper by P Fortin, L. Godbour, S. St Cerny, p15 (broken link)

Payer les mères à la maison? Tout le monde y perdrait! Cela coûterait trop cher et serait socialement rétrograde.. (Pay mothers in the house? The whole world would be lost! It costs too much and would be socially retrograde.) Quebec daycare economist, Pierre Fortin (see his non-peer reviewed study above), opposes a poll showing support for funding parental child care on a par with daycare subsidies.

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