Ontario Government Misrepresents All-Day Kindergarten Research (broken links)

Oct 2013 Globe and Mail column: All Day Kindergarten “No Magic Bullet”
McMaster University Economist Phillip de Cicca asks, “To me, the question should be, could that money be used in a better way?”

November 2013 Macleans magazine article: Full-day kindergarten is failing our children: A closer look at Ontario’s $1.5-billion-a-year full-day kindergarten experiment. Ontario’s Ministry of Education caught misrepresenting the junk science research (broken link)

Aug 2012: Ontario government big lies in this “KEY FACTS” SHEET on all-day K Gives ENROLMENT projections and claims that $1 spent will save $7. This is a “gross misrepresentation” (UBC economist Dr Kevin Milligan) of research by Nobel Laureate economist James Heckman.
PDF: download direct here

Nov 30, 2013 Globe and Mail column by M Wente: Ontario’s $1.5-billion kindergarten hoax

Dec 9, 2013: Ontario Minister of Education, Sandals, responds to Globe and Mail column by M Wente (scroll down to “Kindergarten’s value”)

Queen’s University: Final Report: Evaluation of the Implementation of the Ontario Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program, Fall 2012 (broken link)

The Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University: The Full Day Kindergarten Early Learning Program Final Report, October 2012

Ministry of Education: Early Learning Resources 2013-14

Nov 2013 IMFC report: Full-day kindergarten in Ontario: Reading the fine print. Did those cheerleading for full-day kindergarten actually read the research?
PDF: download direct here

Dec 2013, Kids First Media Release: Kindergarten Research Cover-up Scandal

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