HELP as Media Darling: Propaganda Production (broken link)

HELP’s media coverage (broken link)—a very long list.

Kershaw’s media coverage (broken link)—click on the +. It is currently more than any other HELPer. See also Hertzman’s coverage.

Kershaw’s bio/blog (broken link)—and picture of him on horse at his farm “Dr. Kershaw uses research to be a cheer-leader and critic of Canadians with the intention of inspiring substantial policy change across the country. Dubbed by some an ‘Evangelist Professor'”

HELP’s core function is to be a tax-funded propaganda arm spreading the neo-liberal (anti-) child and family policy of the World Bank and OECD to BC and Canada. That is why proactively garnering media coverage is a primary HELPer activity. Cutesy acronyms—like HELP—are a required part of this PR spin campaign.

This policy essentially says: government must expand corporate profit potential by coercing parents into the labour supply pool, and kids into institutional care, while massively expanding the “knowledge economy” sector through data collection and related “research” endeavours.

The policy functions by keeping wages low through an enlarged labour supply, and by increasing consumption of commodified goods and services that replace family production as parents become time-stressed and increasingly “outsource” production. At the same time, well-paid “knowledge economy” employees dependent on state funding are unlikely to rally against the increasing intrusion of the state into family life.

Paul Kershaw as sociologist spin doctorate has the role of apologist marrying left-sounding talk of “gender equity” and “care” with the corporate right agenda to push mums into full-time McJobs subsidized by tax-funded daycare and workfare.

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