Daycare lobby propaganda strategy for eliminating "resistance" to "paradigm shift" spelled out (broken link)

The daycare lobby propaganda strategy for eliminating “resistance” to “paradigm shift” is spelled out in this 2011 paper by University of Toronto political-science and public policy professor, Linda White, “Institutional―Stickiness and Ideational Resistance to Paradigm Change: Canada and Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Policy” (broken link)

Strategy: Create a “crisis” about labour shortage, education, global competition, etc then put in “credible” science people (like Fraser Mustard although he said he had no experience in child development at all) to “convert” key politicians (like PM Paul Martin), work through international “epistemic communities” (OECD daycare lobby) to get media and policy attention, …

“the OECD is also engaged in norm creation.”

OECD inspired “shaming can resonate amongst domestic policy officials, and be picked up by advocacy groups and the media. Indeed, while Canada and the USA were both chastised as laggards in the OECD report, the Canadian media gave this description much greater play than did the American media.”

OECD Daycare Lobby “Shame” Bullying Tactic: through junk science “rankings” that falsely put Canada “dead last” in spending on ECE: “The power of the OECD thus lies in its peer review function. Peer pressure… is a means of soft persuasion which can become an important driving force to stimulate the State to change…. OECD officials interact with country officials during the process of peer review, which can influence those officials‘ thinking. Peer review can also lead to ―peer pressure‖ where … the rankings that are often generated among countries, and domestic media attention and public opinion shifts can pressure change…”
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