Tax-funded Daycare Lobby (broken links

Gen Squeeze” (broken link) says its a “lobby” group. It demands $10/day daycare and opposes funding families equitably.

Squeeze head, Paul Kershaw is paid over $145,000 (broken link) ($134,753 + $11,431 expenses in 2014) from UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) funded by the BC Government/taxpayers. HELP’s Lynell Anderson over $90,000 ($88,812 + $1,827 expenses in 2013) is on Squeeze staff with Kershaw, and Kershaw’s partner, Andrea Long, helps out too. and Darcelle Cotton – ED of UBC daycare – $114,861 (broken link)

Why not share the wealth around if you really want to stop squeezing families with children?

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