BC Supreme Court Decides Social Workers Trump Parents: All Children Under 10 Must Have 24/7/365 Supervision (broken link)

Sept 2015, OPEN SEASON ON PARENTS–BC Supreme Court decides social workers trump parents: all children under 10 must have 24/7/365 supervision

Dear Editor,

Whatever one’s view on eight years olds’ maturity, this case has very serious implications for parents’ legal responsibilities. It seems to set a precedent for a legal requirement for 24/7/365 supervision of children until age 10 by parents themselves or parent-delegates.

The state could be required to provide the wherewithal for this level of supervision.

It also seriously limits parents’ liberty rights under the Charter over child rearing decisions, and places far more power in the hands of social workers – ie the state – than ever before.

If the state takes on these decision-making powers, state agents – eg social workers, judges, daycare staff, policy makers, teachers – must take on personal liability for the impacts of their actions and decisions on children’s and parents’ lives. Would they accept the liability that goes with such power?

As it is, only parents have this level of liability for children and all others are virtually exempt. With power comes responsibility. Or does this principle only apply to parents? Remember the Residential Schools: the state took over child-rearing decisions from parents, wrecked many lives, and the state-agents were not held personally responsible.

Helen Ward
Kids First Parent Association of Canada

Letter to the Editor in response to this CTV news clip (broken link) (from minute 9:08)

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