COVID Schooling

Students’ learning and well-being will likely be affected negatively by measures adopted to fit COVID contagion concerns. On-line COVID-schooling has challenges for children and parents, and so does COVID-school attendance.

Highly restrictive measures designed to make school attendance fit with COVID contagion concerns will likely negatively affect students’ rights to security of person and liberty; freedoms of association, expression, assembly; and equality, and not be in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice (eg. due process).
May 1, 2020 – notice to parents – Riverside School Board in Saint Hubert, Quebec – “Dear parents”p. 1

p2 – [SEE EMAIL]

p3 – [THIS LINK IS HARD TO READ FOR ME – MAYBE YOU CAN WORK IT? I will try to get readable link]

May 2020. Vancouver School Board – FAQ notice to parents (PDF): “In-class instruction resumes”

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