Quebec Daycare System Hurts 72% of Families Financially

January 2000. Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP). (research paper published by Quebec economists)

Robert Baril, Pierre Lefebvre and Philip Merrigan -“Quebec Family Policy: Impact and Options”

QUOTE FROM SUMMARY: “It would be anticipated that a policy change of this importance would be supported by data and analyses that would contribute to an understanding of the nature and scope of the likely impact on different family types and, especially, on specifically targeted groups. However, at no time did the Quebec government publish any such research dealing with the consequences of this reallocation of benefits….The authors estimate that, compared with the pre-reform situation, 72 percent of families would receive less financial assistance from the provincial government in 1998 – findings in sharp contrast with the claim advanced by the Quebec Minister Responsible for Family Affairs that 95 percent of families would gain from these reforms.”

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