Animal Studies Find Many Lasting Harms Caused by Maternal Deprivation Part I

Maternal deprivation has a mild negative effect on rats’ social behaviour as adolescents and adults, more so for males

September 2018. Jiska Kentrop1, Claire R. Smid1, E. J. M. Achterberg2, et. al. Behavioural Neuroscsience – (peer reviewed research): “Effects of Maternal Deprivation and Complex Housing on Rat Social Behavior in Adolescence and Adulthood

Kids First reference copy here (PDF)


Maternal Deprivation causes memory deficits. Acute physical exercise is an effective strategy to reverse recognition memory deficits related to maternal deprivation but does not fix everything.

November 2019. by Priscila Marques Sosa,1 Ben-Hur S. Neves,1 et. al. Neural Plasticity – (peer-reviewed research): “Maternal Deprivation Induces Memory Deficits That Are Reduced by One Aerobic Exercise Shot Performed after the Learning Session

Kids First reference copy here (PDF)

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