2021 Federal Budget: $30 Billion More Over 6 yrs For Non-Parental Institutional Child Care – Government Attack On the Right of Children, Women, Parents

The top priority in the April 2021 federal budget was more institutional child care and coercing all mothers into full time jobs. On top of additional massive funding, $30 billion more over 6 years was offered including a much expanded federal daycare bureaucracy.

READ the budget background document that cites as evidence the non-peer reviewed publications by long-time daycare lobbyists such as (the late) Dr Fraser Mustard and Margaret McCain of frozen food fame. The document’s claims of economic benefit from putting little children and babies in institutional care is an ideological- and greed-based fiction contradicted by the peer-reviewed evidence. Note the goal is to get mothers into jobs and away from their children: misogynistic coercion in the name of “gender equity.”

Budget 2021: A Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Plan

For reference copy, please see below:

May 8, 2021. Department of Finance Canada – (news release): Budget 2021: A Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Plan


The media, especially the CBC, has almost entirely given up any effort at balanced or accurate coverage of the daycare issue. The disinformation mono-narrative is that daycare is very popular with parents, there’s a terrible shortage of spaces – a crisis, it’s good for children and women and the economy, etc. None of which is true.

A few opinion pieces did get through to counter this.

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