Article About Significance of the “Bus Dad Case”: ‘Power Imbalance’

2020 October. Frances Rosner. Bar Talk [Canadian Bar Association of BC journal] – (web article): “70K Legal Battle Leads to Finding that The MCFD Made Unauthorized Orders on a Parent

“When parents become involved with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (“MCFD”)  … one of the potential responses is the creation of safety plans….it allows families to enter agreements with social workers to address the concerns out-of-court. However, there is a significant power imbalance in the agreement making process. Terms are often unilaterally imposed on parents through the social worker’s subjective lens and parents agree out of fear.… So parents, particularly Indigenous parents, frequently sign off on agreements that are overreaching and/or unreasonable. These agreements may have far reaching consequences for the family — with parents having little recourse on any perceived infringement of their right to parent.”

For KF archive copy of article see here (PDF)

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