Another tax-funded daycare lobby cash cow feeding at the “child care” trough (broken link)

Another government funded and actually Federal Government run daycare lobby outfit is the federal Child Care Human Resources Sector Council.

In 2006 it received $811,966 from the Federal Government and $490,351 in 2005: 2005-2006 Annual Report, p. 8 (PDF)

It states it is 99% dependent on Federal money from taxpayers.

A look at the Board members , partners (broken link), and links (brokenl ink) will show you it is run by and for well-known daycare lobbyists from public sector labour unions and Canadian Child Federation (fully tax funded), Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (heavily tax funded), Childcare Resource and Research Unit (fully tax funded), etc.

The main goal seems to be to increase wages, numbers and recognition of daycare staff. “Quality” seems to mean only “more pay”.

Your tax dollars at work ideologically attack parents who prefer parental child care. This lobby group states that “in both Canada and the U.S., the attitude towards ‘women’s work’ is often tied to ideology. Conservative family values, powerful in the U.S. under President George W. Bush, are also popular in Canada.” This is given as the reason for low wages and difficulty recruiting daycare staff. No suggestion is made about paying parents/mothers for their unpaid child care work to deal with this “attitude” problem. Actually Bush has nothing to do with it (from The Role of Social Attitudes in Recruitment and Retention of Child Care Workers) (broken link).

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