Take action against Bill C-303 on early learning and child care

Bill C-303 is the latest attempt by the daycare lobby elite to hijack all funding for “early learning and child care.”

This Bill is now being debated in a Parliamentary Committee. So far, it is supported by all three opposition parties.

Please contact Committee members (PDF) and urge them to oppose Bill C-303 because it…

  • discriminates against and does not even recognize parental provision of child care and early learning, and further erodes parental control of decision making in child care and early learning.

  • promises “high quality” child care but nothing in the Bill actually defines or assures quality care for children at all.

  • promises “accountability” but does nothing to assure that bureaucrats, policy makers and daycare operators are accountable for children’s well-being. Only parents are held legally accountable for our children. It assures that even nore funding will go to paying for bureaucrats, lobbyists and academics rather than for children’s care.

Kids First Submission Opposing Discriminatory Bill C303 (PDF): English and French

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