Irony: Fewer Kids in School = More School (broken link)

Clyde Hertzman, head of the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) leading the consultation on all-day kindergarten advises expanding schooling for children under age 5 using funds saved by declining school attendance. CBC Radio One “Ideas” (brokenlink), Wednesday, July 16, 2008. “Sick People or Sick Societies?” Part 2

“Strong Start” drop-in kids (age 0-5) to be counted in formula for school-capital funding. Daycare kids may also be counted. Schools to provide cheap rent for some private daycares. Maple Ridge News(Vancouver area) article: 12 new daycare centres to open in district schools (broken link)

Abandoning bricks-and-mortar schools for Internet classrooms. 48,000 kids expected to enrol in BC. Excerpts from the Globe and Mail article: Thousands choosing computers over classroom (April 30, 2008 update by Kids First)

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