Employment Insurance—Parental & Maternity Leave: Does extended maternity/parental leave help families? (broken link)

Recently, some in the daycare lobby have suggested expanding parental and maternity leave Employment Insurance, increasing the benefits paid and having father-only leave.

See Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) report “15 by 15: A Comprehensive Policy for Early Human Capital Investment in British Columbia” (broken link)

and All-day schooling for 3-5 year olds report for Ontario by Charles Pascal “With our best future in mind: Implementing early learning in Ontario“. (broken link)

Is this an efficient way to help families? Should benefits for child birthing and rearing be tied to employment?

According to Statistics Canada, births outnumber EI maternity claims by over 7 to 1. Few Mothers are Eligible for EI Maternity Leave (Kids First update)
According to Statistics Canada, in 2008, 48,145 women got “maternity leave” EI while there were 364,085 births.

SO about ONLY 1 in 7 mums giving birth—or births—actually get any of this “benefit”!! (They don’t double it for twins.)

Maternity benefits (broken link)

Number of births (broken link)

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