New report by Ontario all-day-K man's organization regurgitates "$2-for $1 investment" cost-benefit non-peer reviewed fabrication (broken link)

Aug 30, 2010. Globe and Mail – article “Full-day kindergarten spending may deliver twice the returns: report” (broken link)

Let’s look at who is behind this media release and report:

  • Atkinson Charitable Foundation (broken link)—Charles Pascal, Ontario’s Early Learning Advisor and head of the all-day Kindergarten push in Ontario, led this organization/lobbying group for years until he got his current job.

  • The McCain family also funded this paper and also fund the daycare lobby group, Childcare Resource and Research Unit, run by Martha Friendly.

  • The McCain family stands to benefit from the increase in state-run institutional child care as they employ low wage workers in their food industry companies and sell convenience frozen food to parents who do not have time to cook.
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