Research on the Negative Health Impacts of Daycare Centres (broken link)

Hazards for Daycare Staff

A study in the Oxford Journal of Occupational Medicine finds the health hazards for daycare staff include injury, infection, stress due to exposure to saliva and feces, biting, noise, being undervalued, fear of liability, etc.:

Occupational Medicine, Volume 49, Issue 7, September 1999, Pages 427–437 (web): “Child care workers and workplace hazards in the United States: Overview of research and implications for occupational health professionals

PDF download here

Hazards for the Community: Superbugs, E-Coli, and Other Bacteria

Other Illnesses and Infections

Mold, Dampness

Stress, Children’s Elevated Cortisol Levels

Daycare increases children’s stress levels as shown by measuring cortisol. (broken link)

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