Top Economist Daycare Researcher Advising Prime Minister May Counter Daycare Lobby Disinformation

UBC economics professor,  Dr Kevin Milligan is now a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Privy Council Office until the end of 2020 on the economic recovery from COVID.

June 15, 2020 – blog post by UBC economist Kevin Milligan  – (web): “Appointment to Privy Council Office

His presence may help counter the disinformation in daycare lobby claims that mountains of  research evidence supports their position. He is the co-author of two major peer-reviewed empirical studies on the Quebec daycare system. The evidence the daycare lobby uses is published by advocacy organization and is not peer-reviewed.

  • The first was published in 2008 in the Journal of Political Economy and won of the Purvis Prize. It found that only 40% of costs recovered through increased taxes and that children are worse off by measures ranging from aggression to motor and social skills to illness….the new child care program led to more hostile, less consistent parenting, worse parental health, and lower quality parental relationships.”

    August 2008. Kevin Milligan, et. al. Journal of Political Economy – (web): “Universal Childcare, Maternal Labor Supply, and Family Wellbeing

    See also here

    Draft PDF copy here (April, 2008)
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