Canadian Daycare Research

The “You Bet I Care!” research was done for the federal government. There were 4 studies released in about 2000. They were done by top daycare lobbyists. The reports contain reliable evidence of:
– high vacancy rates (study 1)
– inadequate quality is the norm (study 2,3)
Since the study was done, allowable staff:child ratios have got worse  in many provinces and therefore quality may be expected to be lower now than then.

Link to study archive at the federal government:
2000. Hillel Goelman et. al. Centre for Families, Work and Well-Being, University of Guelph, Ontario – (statistical study): “You Bet I Care!
(The research is not peer-reviewed. More accurately it could be described as an empirical Canadian statistical study done for the government by academics rather than by e.g. Stats Can staff.)

See KF copy here: You Bet I Care!

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