November 24, 2020

Read and adapt this redacted letter to “health care providers” who allow minors to consent to or refuse health care without parental consent.

Health care providers (in the BC Infants Act) includes anyone providing any therapy or preventative service or cosmetic service, such as counselors, therapists, youth workers, social workers, tattoo artists as well as any medical personnel.

Health care providers may allow minors to accept or refuse health care without their parents knowledge or consent in a way that violates the law. It is illegal to do so. The Infants Act does not allow health care providers to exclude parents from meetings or information about their minor children’s health care. Sometimes this has resulted in death of the minor.

This letter can be used or altered to fit individual cases to threaten or take legal action against this. 

See Document copy here
See PDF copy here

February 10, 2021

Redacted letter with legal arguments to mother regarding government and police preventing her from accessing health care for her addicted minor child (i.e. the above letter with edits)

See Document copy here
See PDF copy here

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