Are Child Protection Services Violating our Rights?

Are children’s and parents’ Charter, human and privacy rights being violated by Provincial child protection workers? Parents almost never fight back due to the huge power imbalance, fear, and lack of money and time. And when they do they do not use human rights arguments.

But the right to security of person includes our right to be free from health and mental health damage caused by bullying/harassment tactics, extreme anxiety and stress of unwarranted intrusion into home, and threats of or actual apprehension/detention of children; legal rights include rights to due process, to have legal counsel, to be informed, to record and have witnesses during interviews with social workers; privacy rights mean we don’t have to tell the state everything about ourselves and our family members; the right to liberty includes parents’ right to rear their children without undue intervention by the state; fundamental justice requires that laws cannot be arbitrary, vague, or overbroad. And does the state provide evidence to prove that state care and not parental care is in “the best interests of the child” when it threatens to or actually apprehends children?

April 22, 2016 – National Post article – Child services grills Winnipeg mom after she let her kids play alone in their fenced-in backyard

April 7, 2016 – (US) article – Mom Arrested for Letting Kids Walk to McDonald’s Around the Corner

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